Detection, Evaluation and Characterization of Threats to Road Applications

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Detector Project

The DETECTOR project has developed a low-cost GNSS radio frequency interference detection service for use within road transport and critical applications. Roadside probes connected to a back-office detect and characterise interference using techniques which are made possible using software receivers. The ability to analyse interference at the digital sample level allows more reliable detection and characterisation of the interfering signal, helping to differentiate unintentional interference sources from deliberate jamming.

The system has been successfully tested in a laboratory and in extensive field trials. It is currently providing a continuous monitoring service at target locations. The DETECTOR solution was presented during the 2013 Workshop on GNSS Jamming

If you'd like to know more about the DETECTOR service and how it could be used within your application then please contact us for more information.


Drop in Signal-to-Noise of GNSS Signals


Disturbed RF Power





Deploy Roadside Units
Detect Interference
Characterize Interference

The DETECTOR project is supported European Commission funding through the European GNSS Agency (GSA).