STRIKE3 - Monitor, Detect, Characterise, Standardize, Mitigate and Protect



The STRIKE3solution is a composite of multiple innovations as follows

Innovation 1: GNSS threat monitoring and reporting standard
There are two principal innovations within the project that aim to secure global appeal. The first innovation is the development of a GNSS threat monitoring and reporting standard. This will help the GNSS community to receive consistent reports of events that impact on GNSS services. A standardised approach is necessary to combine messages from multiple systems and to help statistics and analyses that can feed into risk assessments.

Innovation 2: GNSS threat testing standard
The second innovation relates to the production of test standards. In March 2015, the GSA published the 4th GNSS Market Report. None of the GNSS receiver manufacturers within the report currently market a product that is capable to operate in the presence of a threat. The availability of threats and test standards is critical to developing the next generation of receiver technologies to support the wider use of GNSS in safety and liability critical high-value applications.

Innovation 3: International GNSS threat monitoring network
STRIKE3 will deliver an international threat monitoring network. This will enable partners, EC and GSA to see the trend of GNSS threats across all continents from a dedicated monitoring network. This will provide valuable information for the STRIKE3 project team and the EC and GSA to support discussions with international partners and GNSS service providers. New threats will be detected and compared to the emergence of similar threats at other locations across the globe. A picture of the dynamics of the threat scene will emerge.

Innovation 4: Centralised GNSS threat database
All events detected at the STRIKE3 network sites will be transmitted to and stored within the STRIKE3 central database. All events will adhere to the STRIKE3 standard. All events will be available for analysis (trending, pattern detections etc.).

Innovation 5: 'Systems of Systems'
STRIKE3 will enable a group of existing detection systems to become a networked 'System of Systems' through the application of a common standard. The standard will be offered to the wider community to support the persistent monitoring of GNSS threats at key sites with the common and shared objective of improving GNSS through better knowledge of the threat to GNSS.

Innovation 6: Advanced technologies
STRIKE3 will deliver a database of threats which will stimulate the development of countermeasures and mitigation technologies to reduce the impact of the threat. This represents the overall longer term ambition from the STRIKE3 project. The overarching aim must be to ensure that next generation GNSS receivers and technologies are robust to the threats and ensure that GNSS applications are protected from denial of service attacks and related threats.

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