STRIKE3 - Monitor, Detect, Characterise, Standardize, Mitigate and Protect



A series of seven top level objectives  drive the project and have been used to derive the programme of work, they are:

Analyse the International Dimension
To analyse the international dimension concerning GNSS interference threats as well as identify specific regional challenges, programmes and initiatives which aim to seek solutions to the challenge presented by GNSS interference.

International Interference Data Collection Campaign
To carry out an international interference data collection campaign involving the deployment of sensors at international sites over a 3 month period to baseline the size and scale of the challenge. This objective will be achieved through the use of existing monitoring and reporting systems (such as the GSA funded DETECTOR system as well as others).
STRIKE3 shall establish an international network at key locations for monitor EGNOS, GALILEO and GPS at L1/E1 frequency.

Common Minimum Specifications
To define and agree common minimum specifications for collecting, analysing, reporting and exchanging GNSS threat information. This is seen as critical to the international efforts to tackle this problem. In the UK, the Fisheries department has already identified test standards for GNSS based vessel tracking system which include interference, jamming, spoofing, cyber and tampering resistance. Other applications include critical national infrastructure, eCall, offender monitoring and UAS/RPAS/autonomous vehicles.

Adapt Existing GNSS Interference Detection and Reporting Systems
To adapt existing GNSS interference detection and reporting systems to comply with the minimum specification and to validate compliance through trials and experiments (including real world trials and open-air test site demonstrations).

GNSS Threat Testbench
To develop a GNSS threat testbench for evaluating GNSS receivers in the presence of the threats. This will involve subjecting existing GNSS receivers to the threats detected during the STRIKE3 monitoring campaign.

UN International Committee on GNSS
To provide support to the EU participation within UN International Committee on GNSS meetings. This is critical to promote Europe, STRIKE3 and the value of E-GNSS signals in delivering hardened GNSS solutions across all application domains. 

Benefits and Values of E-GNSS
To promote the benefits and values of E-GNSS programmes within the context of protecting international applications of GNSS. E-GNSS offers more and better signals than existing GNSS. Access to new signals provides opportunities for enhanced mitigation techniques and opportunities to identify new differentiators and benefits of European signals.

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