STRIKE3 - Monitor, Detect, Characterise, Standardize, Mitigate and Protect


Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) is one of Europe s leading research institutes for applied research in the areas of defence and security. FOI is leading in underwater research and research into explosive substances. FOI also perform research relating to aero systems and IT security, radars, lasers and other sensor systems as well as protection against hazardous substances. In the field of robust navigation and positioning systems FOI addresses increased robustness against interference for GNSS-systems and robust indoor positioning systems.  

The research focuses on technologies for interference detection and mitigation, and jamming strategies, for civil and military GNSS-receivers, involving both live jamming trials and GNSS simulator testing. The indoor positioning research targets soldiers and rescue personnel applications. The focus is on multi-sensor solutions and cooperative navigation, and the research is conducted in close cooperation with other groups at FOI and universities.



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