Detection, Evaluation and Characterization of Threats to Road Applications


Design Phase

The DETECTOR project kicked off in March 2012 and will run until October 2013.  The initial phase of the project has focused on analysing the threat to GNSS services posed by low-cost jammers and designing a solution which will help combat this threat through RF interference detection and characterisation.  As the solution is based largely on a set of existing assets, a working prototype has already been deployed within the design phase.  This has allowed techniques to detect and characterise interference to tested and refined using a range of datasets.

Time-Series of Approaching Jammer(s)


Jammer "Signatures" Detected in London

Gnss Interference Detection
Gnss Interference Characterisation

DETECTOR has detected many interference events at locations throughout EU but they can have various causes - hence the need for characterisation.

    • Detected Interferences
      • Unintentional
      • Deliberate
    • Detected Signatures
      • Tone, Swept, Chirp
    • Locations
      • Villages, Towns, Cities
    • Infrastructures
      • Airports, Roads
      • Railways, Ports
      • CNI (telecoms)
    • Effects on receiver
      • Loss of positioning (denial of service)
      • Introduction of errors (100m+)