Detection, Evaluation and Characterization of Threats to Road Applications



There is a growing awareness of the threat of RF interference to GNSS services.  The potential consequences of interference are becoming increasingly serious as GNSS is being used in more and more applications. At the same time low-cost jamming devices have become widely available as people seek to avoid being tracked by GNSS – some for innocent reasons, others less so!
Mechanisms to counter this threat include stricter regulation on the sale, possession and operation of jamming devices; better enforcement of existing legislation; raising public awareness that RF jammers marketed as privacy protection devices can degrade GNSS over much wider areas than advertised and are in fact illegal, and better robustness within GNSS-based equipment.  Interference detection and characterisation can be a tool to enforce regulations and to better understand the threat in order to produce more effective counter-measures.   
The intention is that the DETECOR will be used by police forces, highways authorities, toll operators, ports authorities and governmental organisations to help combat low-cost and do-it-yourself GNSS jamming technologies.